PRO Power X2 Blade

$ 117.00
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PRO Power X2 Blade

$ 117.00
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Intended use and style of play

At PRO Shop World, we understand that people are often reluctant in changing their proven recipe for success. That’s why we created PRO Power X2 Table Tennis blade, ideal for players who are hesitant to switching from their prefered type of rubbers. This blade will perfectly complement your own choice of rubber(s), adding greater power and feel to your strokes, enabling you to stay ahead of your opponent.  If you are not comfortable with gluing and cutting rubbers on your own, and looking for a paddle with pre-assembled rubbers, then check out the PRO Power paddle.

Competitive edge

The PRO Power X2 Table Tennis blade is embodiment of pure elegance, but also much more that just that. With 5-layer pro-grade balsa wood and 2-layers of premium carbon, this blade will provide you enough speed to crush your competition. This blade was designed for high-level competitive players, to deliver unique (and winning) combination of speed, power, balance and esthetics, better than any other blade in (or even above) its class.

The details

The PRO Power X2 blade is fast, yet amazingly well balanced, giving you low arch close to the net shots. Like all our PRO paddles, PRO Power X2 Blade also comes with 2 three-star premium PRO poly balls, packed in our premium box that serves as the coolest case for 1 paddle + 2 balls.

The bottom line

PRO Power X2 Table Tennis Blade emulates power, quality and elegance. We made this product for the people who don’t want to skimp on the quality, feel and looks of their equipment, so we didn’t skimp on any detail of the PRO Power - making it one of the best blades you can buy. Last but not least, we constantly replenish the nature to compensate for high-quality natural resources we consume for making the PRO products.


Power: 8.7/10  |  Control: 7.2/10
Blade: Balsa Wood 5 Layers + Carbon 2 Layers
Head Size: 158 mm x 150 mm
Thickness: 5.3 mm
Weight: 92 grams 
Premium 3 Star 40 mm Poly

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