PRO Power

$ 97.00
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  • PRO Power Ping Pong paddle with open box and balls
  • PRO Power Ping Pong paddle with open box and balls
  • PRO Ping Pong paddle with box on the side
  • PRO Ping Pong paddle premium box with sleeve
  • PRO Table Tennis premium paddle box
  • PRO Ping Pong paddle with phone and car keys
  • PRO Power Ping Pong paddle with ball
  • PRO Ping Pong three star premium balls
  • PRO Power Ping Pong paddle with black and black rubbers
  • PRO Power Ping Pong paddle with red and black rubbers

PRO Power

$ 97.00
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$ 97.00

Intended use and style of play

The PRO Power Table Tennis / Pong Pong paddle is for people who like to be on the offense and generally play a few steps away from the table. This paddle adds more curve and rotation to your top-spin while generating tremendous amounts of power in your smashes to help you finish and win points. If this is not your style, then check out the slower PRO Control Paddle.

Power in layers

Let’s be honest…power just feels good. We spend so much time in our lives and at our jobs trying to control every detail. Sometimes we just want to reach the goal quickly with little resistance. The PRO Power Table Tennis racket puts the overthinking mind at ease…at least on the Ping Pong table.

The PRO Power Ping Pong paddle is more than just a pretty face. It backs up its looks with enough speed to out-muscle opponents with its 5-layer pro-grade balsa wood and 2-layers of high quality carbon. It proves once and for all that style can equal performance in premium Table Tennis products. It is the flagship product of PRO brand and is engineered to satisfy the Ping Pong enthusiast with the need for speed better than any other racket in (or even above) its class.

The details

Yeah, it’s powerful – but don’t let the name fool you. The PRO Power is shockingly balanced for a racket of this speed. Its blade composition of 5-layer pro-grade balsa wood and PRO XP-1 rubbers will allow you to mix up your play utilizing superior spin techniques as a compliment to your overpowering topspin shots. The two carbon layers give this racket its power.

Like all our PRO paddles, PRO Power comes with 2 three star premium PRO poly balls, and of-course, our premium box, which doubles as a case for 1 paddle + 2 balls.

The bottom line

If one product represents PRO brand, it’s the PRO Power. Like our company, it embodies quality, convenience and aesthetics. We made this product for people who don’t want to skimp on the quality and looks of their equipment – so we didn’t skimp on any detail of the PRO Power – making it one of the best rackets you can buy. Oh, and as a reminder, we replenish the earth with the quality materials we use to make every PRO product.


Power: 8.0/10  |  Control: 7.0/10  |  Spin: 7.0/10
Blade: Balsa Wood 5 Layers + Carbon 2 Layers
High Tension 2.0 mm (Red/Black or Black/Black)
Balls: Premium 3 Star 40 mm Poly

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