PRO Control

$ 97.00
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  • PRO Control Ping Pong paddle with premium box on the side
  • PRO Control Ping Pong paddle with premium box on the side
  • PRO Control Ping Pong paddle with open box and balls
  • PRO Ping Pong paddle premium box with sleeve
  • PRO Ping Pong paddle premium box
  • PRO Ping Pong paddle cool look with cool stuff
  • PRO Ping Pong paddle with two balls outside the box
  • PRO Ping Pong Premium Three Star Balls
  • PRO Control Ping Pong paddle with black and black rubbers
  • PRO Control Ping Pong paddle with red and black rubbers

PRO Control

$ 97.00
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$ 97.00

Intended use and style of play

The PRO Control Table Tennis / Ping Pong paddle is for people who like to stay in control of the game and generally play close to the table.  PRO Control is all about precision and ball placement. This paddle is instrumental in moving your opponent around the table so you can set yourself up for the point. If this is not your playing style, then check out the faster PRO Power paddle.

Precision at its finest

There’s something great about being in control. Rarely do we get to execute the way we expected in our minds, and (unfortunately) this happens far too often in everyday life. But thanks to the PRO Control Ping Pong paddle, the desired connection between strategy and execution is now possible on a Table Tennis table.

The PRO Control Table Tennis racket is about precision, focus and execution. It provides an extension of the analytical player’s mind, enabling them to outsource their strategic thoughts to the racket…letting it do the rest. The PRO Control is one of the most balanced rackets on the market, allowing players to take full advantage of their versatile game. It conforms to your style of play and responds to your every movement, giving players the complete confidence that the racket will execute with exactness.

The details

The 7 layers of pro-grade balsa wood provides a harder surface, creating maximum feel for deliberately placed shots and controlling your more aggressive opponents. To top it off, the blade is equipped with PRO XP-1 rubbers – a world-class rubber at the top of PRO brand line. The carefully-crafted combination of blade and rubber allows for maximum spin, accuracy and surprising controlled power, so you can frustrate your opponents with masterful unpredictability.

Just like every other PRO racket, PRO Control is also packed with 2 three star premium PRO poly balls, and our premium box, which also serves as a case for 1 paddle + 2 balls.

The bottom line

If you pride yourself on a versatile playing style – waiting for the right moment to strike and then executing efficiently – the PRO Control is the only racket you should use. We don’t need to say much about the style, because the looks speak for themselves. Finally there’s a racket (just like the PRO Power) where quality equals aesthetics – available for personal use or for an amazing gift for a loved one. And like all PRO products, our collective inner-hippy can rest easy knowing we replenish any and all resources we use to make the PRO Control.


Control: 8.2/10  |  Power: 6.8/10  |  Spin: 7.0/10
Blade: Balsa All Wood 7 Layers
Rubbers: High Tension 2.0 mm (Red/Black or Black/Black)
Balls: Premium 3 Star 40 mm Poly

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