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What our customers are saying

PRO customer Kalyan Verma

Kalyan Verma

Since I bought the PRO racket, my game changed. Few colleagues who used to defeat me at work, are now having very hard time playing against me. My shots are more powerful with way more top-spin than ever before. Love this Power racket.

PRO customer Lin Fung

Lin Fung

I have been playing with the same paddle for last seven years which I brought from China with me. Unfortunately that paddle broke, so I replaced it with PRO Control. Luckily PRO Control gave me the same feeling, touch and spin like before.

PRO customer Jill Cotter

Jill Cotter

My husband and my kids love Ping Pong and we play every single day. We own at least seven other Ping Pong paddles, but since I gifted them PRO Power and PRO Control paddles, they haven't touched any other paddle.

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